2022-2024 Range Rover Complaints

I’ve owned a 2023 Range Rover for just 2,000 miles. But I have a small list of complaints. At the end of this article I’ll talk about what I love about the Range Rover, but first let’s get the ugly out of the way.

  1. The bottom of the doors on the outside of the car has a flat lip. This doesn’t drain water or dirt, and as a result, collects a lot of dirt and even after washing the car, quickly looks dirty. Since it’s gloss black, it’s even more noticeable.
  2. The prior generation of Range Rover had “access mode”. The car would lower when you put it in park automatically. This new generation will only lower if you press the bottom on the door or from the menu in the navigation panel.
  3. The prior generation had a secret storage space in the driver and passenger doors. These are now gone.
  4. I find that when I’m going down the driveway the car tends to hold a low gear so I can’t coast. When I press on the gas it lurches a bit. This is at low speeds.
  5. A lot of beeping if I don’t wear my seatbelt. I have a large property and drive plants and equipment from the garden area up to the storage area. The car doesn’t like it when I don’t wear a seat belt.
  6. A minor design complaint is that the top of the doors before the windows are very rounded. The prior version was more angular, which I think is a better look on this car. Not sure why they went so rounded here.
  7. There aren’t buttons to access climate or media. You have to navigate to the main menu then go from there. This is not as easy when driving as just pressing a button.
  8. Gas mileage has gotten worse for me since they no longer offer diesel engines.
  9. On the dashboard, there is a little grey light when the lights are NOT ON. It turns green when they’re on. That grey light looks to me like the high beam light. I often glance down, thinking my high beams are on. I was considering putting a piece of tape over the light. But instead, I just drive with my lights on so it stays green.

Small complaints. None of them are deal breakers by any means. They’re just annoyances, most of which could be fixed in future model years.

Now, what’s better in this version?

  1. The seats are much more comfortable than the prior version. They are softer. I love driving it in.
  2. The turning radius is better with 4-wheel steering.
  3. The driving comfort is only getting better. With the minor exception of being lurchy at low speeds, it’s really wonderful to drive.
  4. Honestly, it does almost everything the prior versions did except better.
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