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Top 5 Best Car Wax for [2020]

We’ve put together a list of some of the best car wax you can buy in 2020 so you can keep your car looking brand new no matter what your budget is.

Best Car Wax Intro

When walking down the parking lot, have you ever noticed certain cars glimmering in the light and looking as if they were just from the showroom?

Well, that’s the magic of car wax. Waxing your car has a lot of benefits. Not only will it have heads turning wherever you drive to, but it will also prolong the life of your car’s paint job.

As much as regularly washing your car ensures it’s clean, applying a layer of wax every once in a while goes a long way into offering the much-needed protection to its exterior and adding that extra sparkle.

If you have made up your mind to buy some wax for your car and perhaps even done a quick search online. Chances are, you have discovered how challenging finding the best car wax is.

With so many different types of waxes and manufacturers out there, choosing the best car wax by yourself might take a lot of time and research.

To make things easier for you, we have scoured the market and found the top 5 best car waxes.

What to Look for in Waxes?

But before we get to the juicy part, understanding what to look for in car waxes can help you make an informed purchase.

This is why we are going to discuss the different features you should consider as well as the different types of waxes on the market.

Key Features of a Good Car Wax

When determining the top 5 best car waxes, we considered the following features;

· Ease of Application

Applying wax to your car shouldn’t be rocket science. How easy it is to apply the wax was one of the main things we considered. As well as how long it takes.

· Protection Level

Since car wax does more than just make your car shine, we also examined the level of protection offered by different brands.

· Final Outcome

Finally, we looked at how much shine different waxes were able to offer.

The Different Types of Car Waxes

When choosing the best car wax for your vehicle, you will have to weigh out on which type is ideal for you. There are two different types of car waxes and they include;

1. Carnauba

Also known as natural car wax, carnauba is a vegetable-based car wax that can be applied by hand. It is the most popular type because it gives cars a rich warm glow. With this car wax, you can be assured of a showroom finish because it blends with the paint job. It offers high levels of protection against UV rays. The main drawback to the Carnauba is how it wears out quickly. It can last for at most a month and a half or two.

2. Synthetic

This type of car wax was made to address the durability issue with Carnauba. It can last for up to 2 years. The only problem with synthetic is that it doesn’t give you that deep glow as compared to the above car wax.

Both have their fair share of pros and cons. To know which suits you more, we recommend you give both a try.

The Different Forms of Wax

Before we wrap up on what to look for in waxes, we should address the different forms that exist. The first form is paste wax. It is quite easy to apply though wiping it takes time.

There is a liquid wax that is a bit harder to spread on a car surface. Then finally, there is spray wax. It is the easiest to apply but doesn’t last as long as paste and liquid wax.

Other Factors to Consider for the Best Car Wax

  • The level of protection matters a lot especially if you park your car outdoors.
  • Versatile waxes that can be used on other exterior body parts.
  • A wax that is free from abrasive substances that may scratch your paint.

The Top 5 Best Car Waxes

Now that you understand what to look for in a car wax, let’s look at the top 5 best on the market.

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

For car owners that are looking for a superior synthetic car wax then the Meguiar’s should be their top choice. This wax is prepared through advanced tech enabling to provide ultimate protection to the car’s exterior while giving it a marvellous showroom finish. Super easy to apply, you, therefore, don’t have to get your hands dirty.


  • Offers a high-quality shine
  • Lasts long
  • Very easy to apply and has various application methods
  • The advanced synthetic polymer formulation protects your car from the rain


  • To remove the wax, additional buffing will be require

2. Turtle Wax & Dry

The reason why the Turtle Wax is so good at its job is because it’s a mixture of both carnauba and protective polymers. Therefore, your car will get that rich and deep shine as well as long-lasting protection from weather elements. And unlike other waxes, the Turtle Wax is applied directly after washing the car when it’s still wet. You can then wipe it after the car dries. This mode of application saves a lot of time.


  • Applying it is quite easy and fast
  • Protects your car for longer
  • Gives your car a superb shine
  • A great pick for car owners living in wet regions


  • It is known to streak black cars

3. P21S Carnauba Wax

If you are looking to achieve a rich deep shine then this is ideal car wax for you. The carnauba formula blends extremely well with a car’s paint job. The P21S also contains considerable amounts of beeswax which makes it easy for owners to apply the wax on the car. Other than that, the final result is a hardy protective layer that will prolong the life of your paint job.


  • Guarantees an excellent shine
  • The beeswax makes application easy
  • Offers high levels of protection
  • It has no residue and you need not worry if you smear some on the plastic components of your car


  • It’s a bit costly than the rest

4. CarGuys Hybrid Wax

Coming from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the automobile industry, the CarGuys Hybrid Wax is easy to apply and offers lengthy protection. It is made with synthetic polymers but also infused with carnauba wax. As a result, you get a deep shine and total protection from the UV rays and rain. What distinguishes this car wax from the rest is that it’s versatile and can be used on chrome, plastic, glass surfaces, and car paint.


  • It’s a versatile car wax
  • It gives a deep shine
  • It adds a hydrophobic layer protecting your car from rain
  • Lasts for long


  • The only drawback to this wax is that it has to be applied in a cool environment

5. Chemical Guys WAC Butter Wax

Getting that deep finish isn’t going to be a problem with the Chemical Guys WAC Butter Wax because it is made of 100% carnauba. It is also made with a butter-like formula to ease the application process. The unique formula is also designed to protect from rain and UV.


  • Provides a shiny bright gleam
  • The butter formula is designed to ease the application process
  • Protects your paint job from both rain and harsh rays


  • Since it’s made of 100% carnauba, it’s not going to last that long

Bottom Line

With the above information in mind, choosing the best wax for your car is going to be easy. And while making this decision, let our review of the top 5 best car waxes inspire you to pick the best product.

To ensure your car retains the deep shine, wax your car at least thrice a year.

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  1. Wolfgang, Pinnacle and 4 Star are my favorites – See AutoGeek for any of these waxes plus the brands that you have in your top 5. I’ve been a car buff since 16 and younger if you include Hot Wheels. I’ve owned:

    73 Grand Torino 351C 4-speed
    72 Nova 327 4-speed
    79 Camaro Z-28 452 FI Nitrous 900hp street car
    79 and 80 Mustang Cobra Turbo 4’s
    and my current ride 2012 Mustang Boss 302 on Penske’s and R tires in race trim.

    Did a lot of street racing back in the day.

    My favorite list includes:

    69 1/2 Super Bee 440-6
    68 Firebird 400 RAIII
    69 and 70 GTO Judge
    70 Z-28
    69 Mustang Boss 429
    68 Barracuda
    70 Hemi Cuda, AAR, and 340-6 TA
    70 Chevelle SS 396 or LS6
    68 Camaro Z-28 and SS
    and the list goes on to modern day…..Mustang GT350, Camaro ZL1, Porsche GT3, Ferrari 360 Challenge, newest M3 coming out, RS4, RS5, etc.

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